SQL Server: SQL Server Date formats samples: SELECT FORMAT (getdate(), ‘dd/MM/yyyy ‘) as date 31/03/2020 SELECT FORMAT (getdate(), ‘d’,’us’) as date 03/31/2020 Format key meanings: dd – this is day of month from 01-31 dddd – this is the day spelled out MM – this is the month number from 01-12 MMM – month name abbreviated MMMM – this is the month spelled out yy – this is the year with two digits yyyy – this is the year with four digits hh – this is the hour from 01-12 HH – this is the hour from 00-23 mm – this is the minute from 00-59 ss – this is the second from 00-59 tt – this shows either AM or PM d – this is day of month from 1-31 (if this is used on its own it will display the entire date) us – this shows the date using the US culture which is MM/DD/YYYY For more information you can visit the below sites: custom-date-and-time-format-strings format-transact-sql]]>

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