Spring Autowired

Autowiring. Types of autowiring: Types: for XML byName, byType, byConstructor, byAutoDetect, byAutoDetect, @AutoWired setter, @AutoWired constructor, @AutoWired property, @AutoWired @Qualifer Enabling: [code lang=”java”] @Configuration @ComponentScan("net.yazilimcity.autowired.example") public class AppConfig { } [/code] Autowiring by properties: Autowiring by Name default [code lang=”java”] @Autorired MessageSource msgSrc; [/code] Autowiring by constructors: [code lang=”java”] private final MessagesSource msgSrc; // Burada @Autowired kullanımını default constructor yok ise uygulayabilirsiz. Bunun yerine final ifadesini kaldırıp default consturtor’ı tanımlamalısınız. // @Autowired / public MyClass(MessageSource msgSrc){ this.msgSrc = msgSrc; } [/code] You can refer to more information docs.spring.io /spring-boot/docs/2.0.x/reference/html/using-boot-spring-beans-and-dependency-injection.html Autowiring by setters: [code lang=”java”] private MessagesSource msgSrc; public void setMsgSrc(MessagesSource msgSrc) { this.msgSrc = msgSrc; } [/code] Autowiring by @Qualifier [code lang=”java”] public class FooService { @Autowired @Qualifier("fooFormatter") private Formatter formatter; } [/code]]]>

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