PostgreSQL Download And Installation

Binary packages-> Windows-> Interactive installer by EnterpriseDB-> Download the installer-> Windows x86-64-> 11.5-> Download Move postgresql-11.5-2-windows-x64.exe to D:\programs\ Double click-> D:\programs\postgresql-11.5-2-windows-x64.exe-> Next-> Installation Directory :C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\11-> Next-> PostgreSQL Server to install the PostgreSQL database server. pgAdmin 4 to install the pgAdmin 4 graphical database management client. Stack Builder to install the Stack Builder utility; for more information about the Stack Builder utility, see Section 4. Command Line Tools to install PostgreSQL tools such as: psql, createdb, dropdb, createuser, dropuser, … -> Next-> Data Directory :C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\11\data -> Next-> password of superuser postgres :postgres -> Next-> Port :5432 -> Next-> Locale :Turkish, Turkey (Locale support refers to an application respecting cultural preferences regarding alphabets, sorting, number formatting, etc.) -> Next-> Pre Installation Summary Installation Directory: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\11 Server Installation Directory: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\11 Data Directory: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\11\data Database Port: 5432 Database Superuser: postgres Operating System Account: NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService Database Service: postgresql-x64-11 Command Line Tools Installation Directory: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\11 pgAdmin4 Installation Directory: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\11\pgAdmin 4 Stack Builder Installation Directory: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\11 -> Next-> Next-> if download extra programs to be checked Launch Stack Builder -> Finish Start pgAdmin 4 for DB Interface or go to the link-> for first access Set Master Password for pgAdmin :pgAdmin-> You must see the Servers-PostgreSQL 11 Servers-PostgreSQL 11-Databases (1) Servers-PostgreSQL 11-Databases (1)-postgres Servers-PostgreSQL 11-Login/Group Roles (9) Servers-PostgreSQL 11-Login/Group Roles (9)-postgres Servers-PostgreSQL 11-Tablespaces (2) ]]>

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