Java Spring Boot Development On The GitHub Codespaces

1- Go to
2- Create a repository
3- On the repository page-> Code-> Codespaces-> Create codespace on master
4- Extention:
-Spring Boot Extention Pack by Pivotal, to create a Spring Boot application with Spring Initializr
-Extension Pack for Java by Microsoft to Run/Debug your code
-Azure Tools by Microsoft or AWS extension
-Azure Spring Colud by Microsoft or AWS extension
5- Hamburger Menu-> Help-> Welcome-> Create New Spring Boot Project
Spring Boot version: 2.5.4
Project Language: Java
Group Id: net.yazilimcity
artifact Id: demo
Packaging Type: jar
Java version: 11
Dependencies: Spring Web, Spring Boot Actuator, Azure Support,
5- Switch the Java Language Server to Standart mode or when you do Run/Debug, it will ask you to switch it
7- Terminal-> git status, git add ., git commit -m ‘initial commit’, git push
8- You can use that repository on your Visual Studio Code or IntelliJ IDEA with ‘connect’ operation and still your code will run on the cloud but you can connect via localhost, it is magic does it?

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